retail interior / mdc melanie dal canton cosmetics

PLANNING AND PRODUCTION OF WOODEN INTERIOR FITTINGS/ 2021 in Cooperation with Studio WDIS/ Design by Gonzalez Haase AAS /  Counter, Kitchen, Storage & Display Furnitures. MDC Next Door / Berlin Prenzlauer Berg / Photos by ...

retail interior / reference studios

PLANNING AND PRODUCTION / 2020 Design by Gonzalez Haase AAS / Storage Shelfs, PVC Curtains, Bench + Desk / Reference Studios / Berlin Mitte /

kitchen interior / private

PLANNING AND PRODUCTION / 2020 Design by Gonzalez Haase AAS / Kitchen cabinet + island made in walnut. / Bench made in solid walnut. / Private / Berlin Mitte / Photos: Bernd Borchardt

office room in room / rpm

PLANNING AND PRODUCTION / 2019 Design by Batek Architekten Berlin RPM – REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE / Berlin Mitte 

office furniture / the owners forum

INTERIOR FITTINGS / 2019 Planning and production of custom made storage cabinet. The Owners Forum / Berlin Kreuzberg

bathroom interior/ private

INTERIOR FITTINGS / 2018 Production of custom made furnitures in solid oak wood.

set design / commercial

SCENERY CONSTRUCTION / 2018 Planning and manufacturing of set design elements for a film studio.  In cooperation with Werkstattkollektiv / Manufactured in Berlin

bento tray by osw. / low table series

FURNITURE DESIGN & PROTOTYPING / 2018 Bento Tray by OSW. – a series of stackable low tables inspired by Asian floor culture, which effortlessly adapt to the fluid needs of today’s urban lifestyles. Occasional tables ...

furniture collection / prototypes

FURNITURE DESIGN & PROTOTYPING / 2017 Coat hanger and 2 floorlamps made from solid wood round bars finished in black laquered ash or white soaped birch. In collaboration with Helmut Staubach Design  / Developed and manufactured in-house / ...

chair collection / prototypes

FURNITURE DESIGN & PROTOTYPING / 2015 -2017 Ming-inspired chair collection in collaboration with Helmut Staubach.  The collection combines the crafting of high quality furniture with the possibilities of digital fabrication and moulded wood technology to ...

furniture prototyping / making of

PRODUCT DESIGN & PROTOTYPING / 2015 -2017 Ming-inspired furniture collection in collaboration with Helmut Staubach. High quality craftsmanship in wood. Finest materials and modern technology. Chairs, tables and lighting. Developed and manufactured in-house / Berlin ...

wall installation / interior

INTERIOR DESIGN & VISUALS / 2017 Wall installations in collaboration with Roomservice Gallery Hamburg. Rathausmarkt / Hamburg

office workspace /

INTERIOR DESIGN / 2016 In collaboration with Roomservice Gallery Hamburg we have realized the interior design of the office in Berlin. is a global venture capital firm backing internet & software founders. Meeting ...

retail / interior design

CONCEPT / 2015 Design by Zascho Petkow / construction planning of an oversized cup – a playful shift in scale for a sales counter.

retail / jbw lights

INTERIOR DESIGN / 2014 Lighting showroom and retail store for the Berlin based premium-brand JBW Interiors. The store concept for JBW Lights combines an individual presentation of decorative luminaires matching the luxury aesthetics of the ...

figaro chair

CONCEPT / 2014 Figaro is a stacking chair suitable to numerous ambiences and uses. The straight lines of the wooden structure create a very clear expression. The tilt of the legs provide a touch of ...

c II

CONCEPT / 2014 Centaur II, a furniture half bench, half clothes rack. Use Centaur in the hallway, the bedroom or the office. It combines two main functions and is suitable to numerous ambiences and uses. Sit ...

curtain / room divider

CONCEPT / 2012 Curtain is a textile room divider manufactured from thermoformable pet felt. It is designed for open space offices and offers an adaptable solution for acoustic and visual screening. Single shells can be added ...

msc chair

CONCEPT / 2011 Paper-like yet robust framework out of L – profiles which gained stiffness through adding the straight and bent surfaces of the seat and the backrest. Suitable for outdoor use. Metal Sheet (powder-coated).


CONCEPT / 2010 Bench with traditional wood joinery. The sides and the seating surface are connected by a sliding dovetail joint. The outward tapered profile of the components creates the illusion of an unusual slight ...

c I

CONCEPT / 2010 Centaur I, a furniture half bench, half wardrobe. Use Centaur in the hallway, the bedroom or the office. It combines two main functions and is suitable to numerous ambiences and uses. Sit down and have your ...

bunchin / paperweight

CONCEPT / 2015 Bunchin is a paperweight-stick made of solid wood that helps you organizing your daily deskwork. The paperweight recommits on a long tradition of calligraphy without losing its utility in today´s office. Hidden ...

interior fittings

PRIVATE & RETAIL INTERIOR Planning of custom made furnitures.

private / opernlofts berlin

Residential Interior Bathroom – Planning Opernlofts Berlin / Mitte 2012

1:1 model / neues museum

1:1 SCALE MODEL / 2007 The model of the Porch of Maidens/ Erechtheion was crafted in the workshop of the Bühnenservice Berlin and Johannes Grune was commissioned with joiners work. It was set up temporarily ...

scenic design / theatre

SCENERY CONSTRUCTION / 2007-2011 Joinery for Deutsche Staatsoper Berlin, Deutsches Theater Berlin and Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin commissioned by Bühnenservice Berlin.